A half-up crown braid is an easy hairstyle to wear. It can be worn on any occasion, formal or casual. To create this look, you’ll need a comb and some hair elastics. You will start by parting your hair into two sections, one on the left side of your head and one on the right side of your head. Then take three small sections from each section (left-right) and twist them together to make one large section at the top front of your head. Next, flip that big chunk over so it lays flat against the back of your neck (this will now be called “the crown”), then uses 2-3 elastics to tie off all ends with an elastic band like a ponytail holder.

How do you do a partial crown braid?

The half-up crown braid is a timeless hairstyle that has been reinvented. In this post, I will show you how to wear the half-up crown braid in four different ways!

  1. A high bun with a side part and a full crown braid on one side of your head.
  2. Half-up braids with the front section pulled back into a low ponytail for more volume.
  3. Braided hair wrapped around your forehead like an elegant turban, then pinned neatly at the nape of your neck.
  4. The classic French twist is to gather all your hair into one hand and wrap it tightly around itself until it reaches just below your earlobe, releasing the hair from your grasp.

The magical French braid half-crown

Some women shy away from braids because they don’t know how to do them, but with this french braid half-crown tutorial, you will be able to create a gorgeous hairstyle in no time.  The tutorial is very detailed, easy to follow, and informative about creating a french braid.

partial crown braidWant a new hairstyle but don’t know what to do? There’s no need for a major change. Instead, try a French braid half-crown with these quick and easy steps.

Getting your hair ready:

  • Comb your hair into an even line from ear to ear. You can use clips or pins if needed.
  • Next, divide the section of hair on the left side of your head in half with one hand and begin braiding it with the other hand until you reach the end of your strands. Please repeat this step on the right side of the head, underlining how you divided it in two with one hand before starting to braid with the other hand. Now attach both sides at the top.