Nail art is the latest trend in nail salons. Whether you want a simple design to accent your outfit, or something more bold and colorful, nail designs are for everyone! With so many different colors to choose from, it’s hard not to find one that suits your style.

With the cold weather coming in, it’s time to start getting our manicures ready. Whether you are looking for a classic nail design with some sparkle or want something with more depth and texture, there is a perfect clear nail polish trend out there for everyone. So which one will you choose?

With all of these fantastic trends popping up everywhere on Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards alike, it can be not easy to find your favorite. There are so many beauties out there that it can be hard to know where to start! That is where this post comes in handy! We have compiled a great list of the best clear nail designs right now, so you don’t have to go searching any further than this blog post.

What is the clear nail polish for?

It’s no secret that most nail polish is not meant to last. The chemicals in the formula are designed to be absorbed by your nails, so they chip and peel away before you can get bored of them. Clear nail polish is a lifesaver for all of us who don’t want our mani to look like it’s been through a few rounds with Mike Tyson – but what exactly is clear nail polish good for?

clear nail polish

Clear nail polish has many uses, including giving your natural nails an extra layer of protection against fading, peeling, or chipping. It also helps prevent pesky smudges on keyboards and other surfaces when you’re typing or eating (you know who you are).

Clear nail polish is used to protect and strengthen your nails. It has a protective coating that prevents chipping and helps nails grow stronger. Some people also use clear nail polish as a base coat for designs or patterns on their nails. The secret to great-looking nails is in the preparation before applying color.

Gorgeous clear nail designs

Nails are a personal expression. So whether you’re into something simplistic or want to go all out with glitter and everything in between, nail art is always fun to explore.

  • Step One: Start with naked nails, clean them off with acetone-based polish remover.
  • Step Two: Apply two coats of primer before applying your favorite color on top for an extra pop!

Going to the salon for a manicure is always nice, but it can be expensive. You don’t have to spend money getting your nails done when they look just as good by doing them at home. Check out these creative and easy tutorials that require only a few materials. Give yourself some time this week with these simple but beautiful DIYs.