A Type of Style began as a fashion blog in 2011, and quickly evolved, after countless requests for more varied content, into a vibrant and community-driven lifestyle space. A Type of Style is fueled not only by my personal interests and aesthetic, but also by yours. It’s a lifestyle journey with an ever-evolving roadmap, where emphasis is placed on taking inspiration from experiences, surroundings, and people. Carefully curated articles discuss topics such as cleaning up your beauty routine, elevating your home aesthetic on a budget, and how to buy the perfect pair of jeans. It’s a space that brings attention to new trends, groundbreaking products, and under-the-radar travel destinations. And, more than that, you’ll discover a space that empowers its community to be comfortable in their own skin and to grow with one another along the way.

A Type of Style is about living life with no limits, and inspiring you to follow suit.